Where to Be...

Printed photo of Tennaqua members in 1958

In 1958, some local families dreamed of a special place where they could spend their summers. They pictured a safe, convenient, relaxing place where their families could swim, play tennis, socialize and picnic, enjoying summer to its fullest.

Together they invested in some land, built a pool and tennis courts and founded a club. When they needed a name for their creation, they came up with Tennaqua (tennis and aqua) — simple enough — it fit the little summer getaway just fine.

As the years went on, the club grew. More tennis courts, a clubhouse and eventually paddle tennis were added. Today the club has the capacity for 300 families. We celebrate the spirit of those pioneering families who had the vision of what a family club would mean to them and would continue to be for future generations.

More About Tennaqua

Tennaqua maintains 10 tennis courts and offers many social opportunities as well as competitive team play. Court time is always free.

The jewel of Tennaqua is our 25-meter Olympic-sized swimming pool and a zero-depth baby pool. Our swim program offers an extensive list of social and competitive team swimming options for adults and children.

Tennaqua is a social club. Themed parties and sport-related socials are planned throughout the year where you will meet new people and form lasting friendships.

Our paddle program fills up the fall and winter with team and social play. Court time is always free on our four paddle courts. Warm up in our Paddle Lodge. A paddle pro is available to get your game tuned up.


"My grandparents were founding members of Tennaqua. My mother spent her childhood here, as did I. Now my three daughters are the fourth generation of our family growing up at this timeless club."
- Cindy Dooley