Tennaqua Day Camp

2017 Tennaqua Day Camp Registration Form

Session Rate Total Discounted Total
by March 31
25 $15 $375 $337.50
75 $12 $900 $810.00
150 $10 $1500 $1350.00
25 $20 $500 $450.00
75 $18 $1350 $1215.00
150 $18 $2700 $2430.00

Child's Information

Note: All children listed below will be registered for the same sessions marked under "Programs." To sign children up for different sessions, please submit a separate application for each child.



I am a:

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Session (# wks)DateFee (M/NM)Lunch
Pre (1 wk) 6/12 - 6/16
I (2 wks) 6/19 - 6/30
II (2 wks) 7/3 – 7/14
(No camp on 7/4)
III (2 wks) 7/17 - 7/28
Post I (1 wk) 7/31 - 8/4
Post II (1 wk) 8/7 - 8/11

Total cost per child: $0

How will you be paying?
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you will be contacted before camp begins for payment.)

Other information

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Thank you for filling out the online application. We will review your submission and contact you shortly with more information.

Thank you for your interest in Tennaqua Day Camp. It's going to be another great summer! Please complete the registration form with your family information, along with which session you would like to attend, and submit to us with the button at the bottom of the form. Tennaqua will contact you to confirm your application and make payment arrangements.

  • Tennaqua Day Camp is 9:00am – 2:30 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • There is no camp on July 4th.
  • All activities are divided by age group: 4-5 / 6-8 / 9-12.
  • A morning snack is included.
  • A Tennaqua-provided lunch is optional.
  • Lunch includes drink, meal, fruit and dessert